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Intergraph and the Year 2000

The Year 2000 Challenge

The new millennium – when 1999 becomes 2000 – presents a significant challenge for users of computer systems. The problems associated with 2000, the first year in the computer age in which all four digits of the year change, include widespread date processing malfunctions and even computer system failures. This widely reported crisis, known variously as the "Year 2000 Problem," "the Millennium bug," or simply "Y2K" is a significant issue for all Intergraph customers, and is a key concern for Intergraph as a software/hardware solutions supplier.

What Intergraph is doing

Intergraph is assisting customers and helping them understand the Intergraph position and product compliance plan for the Year 2000 challenge. To minimize the impact of the Year 2000 for our customers, Intergraph is engaged in the following activities:

  • Providing Year 2000 compliant products. All new Intergraph products currently sold are Year 2000 compliant or will be so certified as new versions and utilities are released in 1999. This means that Intergraph PCs, workstations, servers, and software will be compliant with Year 2000 date processing criteria and will be able to correctly process dates within and between the 20th and 21st centuries.

  • Evaluating legacy products for Year 2000 compliance. Intergraph is evaluating prior generations of our hardware and software for compliance and will provide compliance information in response to customer inquiries. Links on this web page provide you with opportunities to learn more about Year 2000 issues for Intergraph hardware systems and for you to easily query Intergraph regarding your particular software products’ Year 2000 statuses.

  • Ensuring that internal systems are ready to continue operation without interruption. The Intergraph Year 2000 Program extends to all areas of the company that may be affected by the Year 2000. Of prime importance is the continued operation of all business systems and activities. This effort has been underway since 1996 and a number of modifications have already been made to mission-critical systems to accommodate the turn of the century. This effort will continue throughout 1999.

  • Ensuring that suppliers to Intergraph are ready to continue operation without interruption. Intergraph is conducting a program of investigation with all critical suppliers and standardly includes Year 2000 language in new supplier relationships. This effort will continue throughout 1999.

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