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Newest Partner Extends Market Reach

Intergraph to License NFS to Microsoft

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 6, 1998 -- Intergraph Corporation today announced that Microsoft has licensed source-code for Intergraph's NFS® client and server products, DiskAccess™ and DiskShare™. NFS file sharing capabilities will be an important component in Windows NT Services for UNIX, Microsoft's new Windows NT and UNIX interoperability add-on product. Windows NT Services for UNIX provides core Windows NT and UNIX interoperability components in a single, integrated package. Support for NFS allows Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server users to easily access files on UNIX systems, and vice versa.

"Microsoft's new product offering will help accelerate the adoption of Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server in the enterprise," said Jim Meadlock, CEO, Intergraph. "Intergraph's NFS components are one of the core components Microsoft customers request most often. The incorporation of Intergraph's NFS capabilities opens the door for new opportunities to showcase our complete line of interoperability products, services, and support."

"Microsoft's long history with Intergraph made it a natural choice for our upcoming Windows NT Services for UNIX Add-On Pack. Intergraph has been consistently first to market with quality implementations of its AccessNFS Solutions," said Frank Artale, General Manager for Enterprise and Systems Management at Microsoft Corp. "Our enterprise customers have been asking for core interoperability between Windows NT Workstation, Windows NT Server, and their UNIX systems, and we are excited to work with Intergraph on providing this functionality."

Intergraph is one of the leading providers of interoperability solutions with its AccessNFS Solutions family of products. David Melvin, Executive Marketing Manager at Intergraph pointed out, "Intergraph is uniquely qualified as an integration partner because of our own migration from UNIX to Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server. We applied that experience to help migrate early adopters of our Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server applications. Today, we offer Migration Services as part of a complete line of integration solutions that include software, services, and support."

In addition to continuing to market DiskAccess and DiskShare, Intergraph's premier NFS client and server products for Windows NT, Intergraph also offers AccessNFS Gateway, the first NFS gateway for Windows NT Server. With AccessNFS Gateway, companies can deploy a server-based solution rather than install software on individual clients. This approach greatly lowers the total cost of ownership of an NFS implementation and increases network security.

AccessNFS Solutions also includes eXalt™, an X11R6.3 compliant X display server; Batch Services, a task automation tool for Windows NT; and a version of DiskAccess for Windows 95.

Intergraph provides an alternative to porting applications with OPENNT™/NFS Solutions, the only complete UNIX environment for Windows NT that allows users to run their UNIX applications on the same platform with their Windows applications. Combined with Migration Services and a worldwide support organization, Intergraph provides one of the most complete offerings of any single vendor. More information can be found at Intergraph's website:

Intergraph Background Information

A computer industry pioneer, Intergraph Corporation provides comprehensive engineering, GIS, and IT solutions for the process and building, utilities and transportation industries, and local and national governments. For desktop or enterprise solutions, Intergraph offers software, computers, support, consulting, and training services. Industry analysts consistently rank Intergraph as a top solutions provider in the markets the company has served for three decades.

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