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Georgia Tech
Teaching the Future of Integration
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 Georgia Tech's College of Computing uses Intergraph's AccessNFS Solutions to teach students how to best integrate UNIX and Windows NT®.

Interoperability in the Classroom
When continuting education students at Georgia Tech's College of Computing enroll in UNIX & NT Interoperability, they learn integration using Intergraph's line of interoperability products, AccessNFS Solutions.

Paul Manno, a program specialist who helps develop courses for Georgia Tech, evaluated several NFS products before selecting Intergraph. "Our education tends to be on the forefront of what's going on in the industry," Manno points out. "We were looking for solutions for NFS® compatibility on the Windows NT side and building towards interoperability between UNIX and NT. Our goal was to come up with a way to show that NT can be integrated back into an existing UNIX environment. We examined and tested several products in detail and after close inspection, it was very clear to us that Intergraph's AccessNFS Solutions was the best solution in the marketplace," says Manno.

The Need for NFS Interoperability
"We saw a definite need for a course in UNIX and NT Interoperability," Manno adds. "We found a large calling of individuals who have existing UNIX systems who are now seeing a great influx of NT machines into that same fold."

The profile of the Georgia Tech continuing education student is not that of the typical college campus. They are, on the average, between 35 and 40 years old, working at a corporation, many of them, Fortune 500 companies. "The majority of our students are employed by businesses who are looking for additional skills needed within their corp-oration or employees going through a retraining process," explains Manno. "Our students come from across the United States and span the private and government sector as well."

Subject and Structure Draw Students
The nationwide appeal of Georgia Tech's course stems from it's popular subject matter and practical structure. Manno believes students from all over the country are drawn to the course because it provides "pragmatic solutions. We cover a fairly broad spectrum of the NT side of administration and pull together as many different things as we can including the resource sharing/file, sharing/printer as well as the network interoperation," adds Manno.

Specifically, UNIX & NT Interoperability is designed to teach students the features of UNIX and NT; how to configure the systems and then share files using Intergraph's AccessNFS Solutions. Security issues, as they relate to the local area network of UNIX and NT systems, are also addressed. In addition, Georgia Tech is one of the few training facilities that specializes in multi-vendor arrangements of systems and networks. "The College of Computing strives to provide the students with hands-on solutions that they can take back to their offices later that day and begin to use right away. So, our solutions, our courses, and our hands-on labs are really geared towards the student mastering a particular set of skills," says Manno.

DiskAccess™ and DiskShare™ in the NFS Environment
Ease of installation, low administration and stability were the main reasons Manno picked DiskAccess, Intergraph's NFS client software, to teach Georgia Tech students how to use NFS to access file and print resources on UNIX servers.

He explains, "Disk Access has performed just perfectly for us in both the lab and the class-room settings. It provides a very simple way for users to find and use existing NFS resources by utilizing NT's graphical user interface. We have had no complaints, no problems, no difficulties."

Looking at the interoperability course, Manno finds that most of his students have a UNIX system where there are NFS discs already being shared through some other mechanism. "Disk Access provides a very clean and easy way for a customer or individual to access the same systems without the need for training. It's fairly transparent," says Manno.

Intergraph's NFS server product, DiskShare, has a similar performance record in both the lab and classroom setting. Manno has found it very easy to use and administer. "One of the things that typically ends up happening is a migration of application and data. Therefore, it is also important for us to be able to show that process, not only can the NT machine access existing UNIX resources through NFS, but it can also provide those same resources back to a UNIX system as you migrate from one platform to another with Disk Share," explains Manno.

Intergraph's AccessNFS Gateway, the first NFS Gateway for Windows NT, is teaching professionals about an alternative method of providing NFS access based on user demand. With the Gateway, the need to install individ-ual NFS clients is eliminated and licenses are issued based on maximum user need.

"Some integration situations call for a product like a gateway, instead of individual NFS clients," notes Manno. "Our students need to know there is a secure solution available."

Information on courses offered by Georgia Tech's College of Computing can be found on their Web site at

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