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NFS Client for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
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DiskAccess is Y2K Compliant
 Intergraph has redefined the way the Network File System (NFS®) operates in a Windows® environment, setting the standard for Windows and UNIX interoperability. In today's multivendor working environments, NFS support is essential. As a developer of CAD products on RISC-based UNIX systems and the leading developer of products for Microsoft's 32-bit Windows environment, Intergraph understands the need to share data between Windows and UNIX systems. DiskAccess and our other AccessNFS Solutions were developed to meet the demanding needs of the corporate user.

If you need to integrate Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Windows NT® systems into multivendor networks and access file and print resources on UNIX and mainframe hosts, then you need DiskAccess. DiskAccess is Intergraph's NFS client for the Windows environment. A member of Intergraph's AccessNFS Solutions software family, DiskAccess gives Windows users network-based access to NFS-based file and print resources.

With DiskAccess you can browse NFS file systems without committing a drive letter, accessing network resources only when you need them. Or you can have the option of establishing a full-time link to your server. Browsed connections are mounted and unmounted automatically, and frequently accessed NFS folders or files can be added as a short-cut to the desktop. This approach makes accessing resources easier, reduces NFS server load, and improves overall network performance.

Intergraph's NFS Client Solution
DiskAccess enables Windows 95/98 and Windows NT systems to perform as NFS clients, so you can access file and print resources located on UNIX servers, mainframes, or other NFS-based server systems. Using NFS, DiskAccess sets a new standard for performance.

DiskAccess file mgmt. Click on the graphic at right to see more detail =>>>

DiskAccess fully incorporates NFS into the Windows environment, bringing new levels of integration to mixed networking environments. You can connect to resources with drag-and-drop ease and manage file permissions from within Windows property sheets. Using Windows Explorer, Network Neighborhood (click here for image), or File Manager (click here for image), you can browse and connect to file systems and printers located on UNIX or other NFS systems.

Technically Superior
With DiskAccess, it is now possible to gain path-based (UNC) access to NFS files. Connections are automatically opened to NFS drives from desktop shortcuts and OLE-linked objects providing transparent access to NFS host systems. DiskAccess also makes NFS file access behave more like UNIX, with symbolic link support and automatic mounting when linked files are located on alternate servers.

DiskAccess diagram Multithreaded Design for Enhanced Performance The 32-bit Windows operating system is a powerful multitasking environment, but single-threaded processes cannot take advantage of this capability. DiskAccess is a multithreaded design that gives you optimum performance and ensures compatibility.

On Windows 95/98, DiskAccess is implemented as a Virtual Device Driver (VxD), providing maximum performance in a minimum memory space. On Windows NT, DiskAccess is implemented as a system service. These operating system-specific implementations allow DiskAccess to run at the most privileged CPU mode (ring 0).

Native TCP/IP Ensures Compatibility
DiskAccess takes advantage of Microsoft's native TCP/IP protocol stack, ensuring quicker installation, the fewest compatibility problems with third-party applications, and the broadest support for industry network adapters.

Based on Industry Standards
NFS is an industry-standard protocol. Based on Open Network Computing/ Network File System (ONC/NFS) standards, NFS integrates Windows NT systems into multivendor client/server networks, enabling an open exchange of files and network resources among Windows NT systems, UNIX systems, and mainframe hosts.

Digital Terminal Emulation
DiskAccess includes a powerful, versatile terminal emulator with support for VT320, VT220, VT102, VT100, VT52, SCOANSI, BBSANSI, printing, custom keyboard mapping, and command scripting. The terminal emulator also supports 80- and 132-column widths, custom color mapping, and WordPerfect mode. Most common file transfer protocols are supported, including ASCII, Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem. Intergraph's telnet emulation is state-of-the-art!

"Great product. DiskAccess has
become an indispensable tool."

Thomas W. Helvey,
General Communications Inc.

IBM Terminal Emulation
IBM terminal emulation provides direct connection to IBM host systems using telnet and TCP/IP. Once connected, Windows users can access all applications available to IBM terminal users. By simply opening a window, users can view, edit, and transfer files from the remote IBM system. Telnet 3270 satisfies mainframe connection needs, providing full color GDDM graphics support. Telnet 5250 connects Windows users to IBM S36-, S38-,and AS400-class systems. Both products emulate the screen, status, and keyboard functions of IBM terminals, making IBM connections fast and easy to use.

File Transfer Protocol
Transferring files between foreign networks, navigating firewalls, and establishing anonymous connections require file transfer protocol (ftp). Intergraph's ftp uses an easy-to-use Windows interface to access ftp servers. Sending and retrieving files can be accomplished with only a few mouse-clicks.

Network Time Protocol
DiskAccess provides an ntp client to synchronize time within the network. This means time stamps are synchronized between systems, ensuring that file creation and modify times are consistent among all the systems on your network and allowing more accurate tracking of revisions.

Remote Shell Daemon and Remote Copy Support
Remote Shell Daemon (rshd) gives users a mechanism for remote users to execute DOS commands. Remote Copy Protocol (rcp) allows files to be copied between remote systems without having to log on to the server or mount a network drive. DiskAccess also includes utilities to convert text files between UNIX and DOS.

DiskAccess is Based on Industry Standards
NFS is an industry-standard protocol. Based on Open Network Computing/Network File System (ONC/NFS) standards, DiskAccess integrates Windows NT systems into multivendor client/server networks, enabling an open exchange of files and network resources among Windows NT systems, UNIX systems, and mainframe hosts.

Features Benefits
Permits Windows 95/98 and Windows NT users to access UNIX files and print servers from native Windows interfaces, including Network Neighborhood, Explorer, and File Manager Protects investment in legacy equipment - Avoids duplicating data, thus reducing storage requirements and improving reliability - Improves productivity by making information more accessible - Reduces training costs
Designed for 32-bit Windows operating systems 32-bit architecture delivers a more powerful, robust product suitable for mission-critical operations
Uses Microsoft's native TCP/IP protocol stack Ensures users the highest degree of compatibility and performance with other Windows applications
Features ntp to synchronize clocks between systems Keeps networked systems' clocks synchronized, allowing for more accurate tracking of revisions
Provides PCNFSD and NIS support for security Ensures only authorized users and systems have access to networked resources and corporate data
Supports NFS version 3 protocol Maximizes performance by supporting larger packet sizes
Supports TCP connections to servers In busy networks, failed transmissions are recognized quickly, allowing retransmission to occur sooner
Includes useful TCP/IP utilities Network problems are more easily identified and corrected

DiskAccess Architecture

  • Runs exclusively on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT (not for use with MS-DOS/Windows operating systems)
  • Streamlined driver design uses Microsoft's native TCP/IP protocol stack for highest compatibility
  • NFS version 3 protocol support provides write caching and larger packet sizes for maximum performance
DiskAccess Includes
  • Telnet client application
  • FTP client application
  • Telnet 5250 and telnet 3270 with full graphics support
  • PCNFSD and NIS support for security
  • PCNFSD printing support
  • ShowMount utility identifies exported file systems and access privileges
  • Includes DOS to UNIX utility to convert text files between environments
  • Ping utility indicates if a network node is reachable
  • DNS Query utility identifies IP address and characteristics based on host name lookup
  • RPCInfo utility catalogs Remote Procedure Call activity to aid in identifying network problems
Additional Features in DiskAccess for Windows NT
  • Packet-Smart ™ tunes packet transmissions to individual server characteristics, dramatically reducing packet countMultipart pathing support for UNC mounts
  • Multipart pathing support for UNC mounts
  • OLE support
  • PCNFSD printing
Additional Features in DiskAccess for Windows 95/98
  • Streamlined VxD design uses Microsoft's native TCP/IP protocol stack for maximum compatibility and reliability
  • PCNFSD, LPR, and LPD printing
System Requirements

For Windows NT For Windows 95/98
  • Windows NT 3.51 with service pack three or later or Windows NT 4.0.
  • MIPS-, Alpha-, AXP-, PowerPC-, or Intel X86-compatible microprocessor (486 minimum, 486DX2-50 or greater recommended)
  • 12 MB RAM minimum (16 MB RAM recommended)
  • 4 MB disk space minimum
  • Windows-supported VGA (or better) display
  • Ethernet, Token-Ring, or FDDI network adapter
  • IBM-compatible PC Intel X86-compatible microprocessor
  • 8 MB RAM minimum (16 MB recommended)
  • 4 MB disk space minimum
  • Windows-supported VGA (or better) display
  • Ethernet, Token-Ring, or FDDI network adapter
Like all Intergraph software, DiskAccess comes with the industry's top-ranked support, including an initial 30-day complimentary full-support warranty (including upgrades) and the optional Advantage Service plan featuring unlimited toll-free telephone support, access to the Intergraph Bulletin Board system, and a fax-back service.

Intergraph and the Intergraph logo are registered trademarks and DiskAccess, DiskShare, eXalt, and Packet-Smart are trademarks of Intergraph Corporation. Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, MS-DOS, and the Windows logos are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. NFS is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Intergraph believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date. Such information is subject to change without notice and is subject to applicable technical product descriptions. Intergraph is not responsible for inadvertent errors.

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